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For Triathletes, Runners, Cyclists and Swimmers!!


3D RUNNING GAIT ANALYSIS for Runners and Triathletes. 

Run further, faster & pain free!!A complete 3D Running analysis and biomechanical profile in less than a minute. Motion Metrix 3D Running Gait system covers all essential aspects of running mechanics and features: ° running economy based on mechanical work with elastic energy exchange ° temporal and spatial stride parameters and force ° gait kinematics and joint loading for injury assessment ° elite and normative data from over 600 runners ° before - after overlay comparison ° data chart generation for over 60 parameters as function of speed ° comprehensive PDF report and video file for results sharing GET STARTED WITH TOMORROW’S RUNNING PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT AND INJURY PREVENTION ALREADY TODAY 

Sprint Runner

Run Lactate Test. 

Find out your training zones in HR and POWER! 

Road Biking

Bike Lactate Test

Find out your training zones in HR and POWER!


Currex Footdisc Test. 

Thermographic foot scan to measure the foot type to choose the right CURREX Insoles for Running shoes and for Bike shoes. 

Fast and impressive results! 


GoldNutrition Products

Changing LIVES through NUTRITION!!


CURREX Dynamic Insoles BikePro

CURREX DYNAMIC INSOLE BIKE PRO SPEED Maximum continuity: BikePro Insoles stabilizes your knee and supports you in keeping your muscle power permanently on the pedal.Replace the inner sole of your cycling shoe with the BikePro and experience:-Optimal power transmission-Continious pressure-Better ventilation. 


CURREX Dynamic Insoles Run Pro

FEEL BETTER - PERFORM BETTER. Replace your running shoe inserts with CURREX RUNPRO running INSOLES. So you can run faster, longer and in comfort! Currex insoles are packed with shock absorbing materials and the unique Dynamic Arch Crandle - adapting to you and your terrain. By carefully supporting and guiding your foot, you can reduce excessive movement that impedes you and often leads to injury.


STRYD Power Meter

✅ World's first wind capturing technology for runners❗️
The new Stryd is the first tool built for runners to measure the wind. Stryd reports the extra power (in watts) required to overcome air resistance. Now, you will know how much power you need to run into a headwind, the power saved when running with a tailwind, or the power saved when drafting off a pack of runners. Stryd gives runners the ability to turn the wind into a measurable and performance enhancing force.


Wahoo fitness products

Everyone loves Wahoo Fitness - from enthusiasts to professional athletes. They are using Wahoo products to optimize their training.